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Frontier Heritage: The Newest Hotspot for Unique South Asian Fashion in Silicon Valley”

Looking for the perfect outfit for your next special event? Look no further than Frontier Heritage, Silicon Valley’s newest hotspot for traditional and modern South Asian wear. Their 1,840 sq. ft. retail space remodel, transformed by our Tico Construction Company Inc.. team and talented trade partners, is a luxurious fashion showstopper.

From the minor exterior renovations to the new wall finishes, tile flooring, suspended ceiling, plumbing and electrical fixtures, custom millwork, HVAC, and fire sprinkler modifications, every detail has been carefully considered to meet ADA, code, and efficiency standards.

At the center of the store, two fitting rooms with a mini foyer provide easy access to either side of the boutique. And don’t miss the strikingly elegant bridal suite with a custom-made bench and illuminated glass shelving that reflects the sparkles of jewelry displayed.

Throughout the store, chandeliers, hanging rods, and shelving systems showcase abundant colorful evening wear.

Frontier Heritage is sure to impress with their unique South Asian fashion and luxurious shopping experience.

Check out our YouTube video to see the stunning transformation of their retail space: