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First Congregational Church of San Jose’s Sanctuary remodel consists of a voluntary accessibility ADA upgrade of a 8,280 sq ft 1-story building aiming to provide access to the altar platform and sacristy.

Our Tico Construction Team hand-crafted a maple-wood crucifix, custom-crafted & stained carpentry, as well as reframed stairs and ramps to showcase this alter in a new light.

The renovation included a new sound system along with audio/visual/webcasting system to accommodate the congregation’s needs. Pews were also reconfigured for accessibility and flexibility, allowing less occupants within the same space.

Additionally, new energy efficient lighting was installed, while new flooring and wall finishes can be observed throughout.

With replacement of the organ screen fabric, removal of dorsal fabric and addition of the wood lattice screen at chancel, the space was transformed to welcome back its congregation.

First Congregational Church is a Progressive Christian Church located in the heart of Silicon Valley welcoming believers and seekers alike.

Watch video showcasing project.