Tico Construction, Inc.


  • Provide construction supervision services for various projects as identified.

  • Be responsible for managing the daily priorities and objectives of all vendors and trades that are either under contract or will be required under contract for the execution of the specific project.

  • Ensure that the work is being properly executed and that the project is progressing in accordance with the pre-defined project schedule.

  • Track and report the project status and financials, and execute project closeout.

  • Be responsible for the execution of all construction, installation, and other services required by the scope of work documents.

  • Provide all other labor, equipment, tools, service vehicles and material necessary for the full and satisfactory completion of the work.

  • Use all reasonable effort to obtain a minimum of three bids on each subcontract.

  • Ensure that all safety issues and training requirements are addressed and completed by the site superintendent on a weekly basis.

  • Ensure the completion of three-week rolling schedules in order to keep manpower, material, and equipment requirements on track.

  • Provide seven day, twenty-four hour coverage.

  • Coordinate construction management with clients project management representative on a monthly basis to assess performance, expenses and concerns, and to evaluate other opportunities, including possible cost savings.

  • Participate with client management in a quarterly performance review of TICO construction’s on the job performance.