John Marmesh - 1.408.487.0700 Ext. 103
John Marmesh - 1.408.487.0700 Ext. 103Director of Business Development
John recommends and coordinates comprehensive pre-construction and construction services for the private business, industrial, institutional facilities and clean-tech markets based on his broad understanding of facility development strategies, and extensive experience in incorporating current and future business needs. With twenty-five years of experience in construction and real estate, he understands what it takes to minimize cost and optimize efficiency, and move a construction or development project from conception to finished product.

John has completed the ISPE Professional Development Training course, ‘cGMP for Facility Design Construction and Maintenance. His association with the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE), the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), and the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) provides him with a background and relationships which assist TICO construction in serving its clients.

Glenn Soma - 1.408.487.0700 Ext. 105
Glenn Soma - 1.408.487.0700 Ext. 105 Project Executive
During his twenty-five years in commercial construction Glenn has established a strong reputation for staying involved with his project from start to finish. Glenn’s strengths include competitive estimating, master planning, conceptual pricing, scheduling coordination and supervision for high tech specialty facilities including clean rooms, chemical facilities, biotech and pharmaceutical projects, major equipment fit-up & installation. Glenn coordinates production engineering and quality control during installation of specialty items and trades, such as high purity piping, clean room technology, micro-environments, air quality, industrial waste treatment and water systems equipment technology.

Member of IFMA and ISPE.

Ken Ravizza - 1.408.487.0700 Ext. 108
Ken Ravizza - 1.408.487.0700 Ext. 108 Project Executive
Ken is a graduate of Santa Clara University, obtaining a Bachelor of Science and Commerce in Business Administration and Marketing in 1977. He has been in the construction industry over nineteen years and has developed a well-rounded knowledge of project management and cost estimating. Ken’s commitment to customer satisfaction is demonstrated by his strong organization skills, ability to be prepared for any project challenge, ability to communicate at all levels throughout the construction process, and strict adherence to project schedules and guidelines.

Ken is a member of the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA), the International Facility Managers Association (IFMA), and is an affiliate member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

Mike Armstrong - 1.408.487.0700 Ext. 104
Mike Armstrong - 1.408.487.0700 Ext. 104 LEED AP®, Project Executive
Mike brings twenty years of experience to the TICO Construction team. He has successfully completed an extensive range of projects: tenant interiors, office buildings, retail facilities, healthcare facilities, and a variety of buildings in the electronics and R&D industries. Mike’s commitment to the quality of each project he manages assures our clients that their project will be completed successfully while adhering to their budget.

As a LEED® Accredited Professional, Mike possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to participate in the design process, to support and encourage integrated design, and to streamline the application and certification process.

Member of the International Code Conference ICC.

Member U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

Ryan Murphy- 1.408.487.0700 Ext. 123
Ryan Murphy- 1.408.487.0700 Ext. 123Sr. Project Manager
Ryan has 20+ years of experience in the construction industry with a Bachelor of Science in Technology from the School of Engineering/Construction Management, Northern Arizona University.

He has completed various new buildings, seismic upgrades and corporate headquarter facilities for numerous Silicon Valley companies. His projects encompass various types of interior remodels including clean rooms, labs and biotech facilities. Most of these projects have been completed on a fast-track basis and many while buildings were occupied.

Ryan’s unique ability to envision floor plans before formal drawings are drafted, allows him to drive a space plan and budget targeted towards meeting performance needs, rather than minimum design requirements.

This up-front innovative approach to problem-solving allows Ryan and his team to deliver a project with a high-value outcome and often better results exceeding client’s expectations.

Brian Schneider-Turk - 1.408.487.0700 Ext. 116
Brian Schneider-Turk - 1.408.487.0700 Ext. 116Project Manager
As a graduate of the University of Colorado, with a bachelor’s degree in architectural engineering and Focus in Construction Management, Brian has proven to be a great asset to our team and to his clients.

Over the past three years, he has been involved in every phase of his projects from pre-construction through project closeout. His attention to detail and commitment to each project resulted in repeat business.

Brian’s career has been quite diverse in the construction industry from tool installs to tenant improvements.

Jeffrey Flores - 1.408.487.0700 Ext. 122
Jeffrey Flores - 1.408.487.0700 Ext. 122Project Manager
As a graduate of Santa Clara University, with a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering with a Structural Focus, Jeffrey has proven to be a great asset to our team and to our clients.

Over the past three years, Jeffrey has been involved in every phase of his projects from pre-construction through project closeout. His attention to detail and hard work mentality results in efficiently timed and well completed projects.

Liz Olkiewicz - 1.408.487.0700 Ext. 120
Liz Olkiewicz - 1.408.487.0700 Ext. 120Project Manager
Liz comes to TICO Construction with over eight years of experience in the Construction Industry, which includes substantial experience in contracts, scheduling, estimating and project management. Her liaison work with Owners and Architects have allowed her to develop long lasting relationships as well as repeat and referral business.

Most recently, Liz has been involved in major commercial tenant improvement projects from pre-construction to project close out. Her ability to manage, track and problem solve, have allowed for the successful completion of these projects.

Liz is currently finishing her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and looks to pursue her MBA shortly thereafter.

Shawn Clancy - 1.408.487.0700 Ext. 109
Shawn Clancy - 1.408.487.0700 Ext. 109Assistant Project Manager
Shawn joins TICO Construction with a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management from California State University, Chico. She has over five years of experience in the construction industry, which includes estimating, project engineering, project administration as well as project management.

Her strong and timely communication skills with clients have led her to a continuous working relationship with them throughout the different phases of her career.

Shawn’s primary role includes working with Project Team Members; including Project Owners and Owner representatives, Local and State regulatory agencies, Design Consultants, Subcontractors, and Project Superintendents.

Her experience includes a variety of ground up and tenant improvement projects throughout Northern California including high tech, real estate, auto dealership and health/medical office buildings.

Jenna Brown - 1.408.487.0700 Ext. 119
Jenna Brown - 1.408.487.0700 Ext. 119Project Engineer
Jenna’s enthusiastic pursuit of knowledge, paired with her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Technical Communication from Colorado State University and robust background in math and sciences, has rapidly made her a strong member of our team.

She energetically combs through every detail that passes her way during the construction process to provide smooth, articulate communication between vendors, architects, engineers, and clients.

Riley Marmesh - 1.408.487.0700 Ext. 121
Riley Marmesh - 1.408.487.0700 Ext. 121Business Development
With a B2B experience in diverse markets and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Marketing, Riley joins Tico Construction, focusing on building a personal relationship with our team, clients and subcontractors, thus creating a project team that complements our clients’ approach, goals and expectations.

He personally grew a small start-up business to a 600+ customers throughout the bay area with $500k in yearly sales within the first years of inception.

Riley’s innovative approach, his background in sales, operations and management in corporate services and furnishings, as well as his prior experience in the construction industry makes him a great asset to our team and our clients.