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Determined: TICO construction is a firm believer in completing all jobs with a minimal punch list. We value repeat business and feel strongly that we must respond quickly and efficiently. We have earned a reputation for being able to deliver quality and performance. Maintaining good relationships with vendors and subcontractors has enabled us to be [...]

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Knowledgable: We have staffed our Construction Department with cost conscious and quality oriented individuals. Because our staff is a group of seasoned professionals, we recognize the needs of your industry. We understand the importance of timely estimates and on schedule, quality construction. We continue to keep trades people on staff who cover multiple trades.

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Value Oriented

Value Oriented: Our objective is to offer a broad scope of Support Services necessary to complete a wide variety of individual projects requiring procurement of Labor, Materials, Equipment, Supervision, and Management. In addition, we seek suppliers who are willing and able to support the Client's requirements for constant improvement in quality while continuously lowering total [...]

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